Wednesday, August 24, 2011

. Luahan hati si kecil .

We never know what's your name,
We never know how old are you,
We never know where you from.
and, we never know who really you are.

we accept you even we never know about you.

We give you home,
We give you food,
We give you cloth,
We treat you nicely,

we just know a liltle bit about you.

We try to know more about you,
We try to be nicely toward you,
We try to love you,
We try to accept you be a part of us,

we give you one of our beloved.

We hope,
You can take a good care of our beloved,
You can continue our generation,
and, you can build up one family tree based on our blood.

it just a DREAM !

Once you get what you want,
You get rid of us from your life,
You offend about us,
You talk shit about us,
You make up nonsense stories,
You bring up unpleasantness between you and us.

But again !
We never care what you have DONE !
We just leave all this to Allah,
Qada' and Qadar.

May Allah bless you.