Thursday, June 24, 2010

who am I !

Assalammualaikum w.b.t..

this is my lovely family...i love them so damn fuckin much! without them i dun noe who am i..
firstly i wanna 2 introduce name is SITI ZARINA ARIFIN..i was born at taiping perak on 3.2.1991.. so, u already noe my DOB..dun forget to give present! i'm waiting...hahahah.....sure u noe my age rite! dis year 2010 i already 19! my weight when i start breathing is parent are En.Arifin & Pn.Latifah...they are so understanding parent! im so pround to be their daughter...even i do many mistakes in my life...not many anymore but too banyak sangat2!! i cant explain how much many mistakes i've done...but they always forgive i really sorry what i've done to our family...deep in my heart! i love both of u than everything!!! mybe i can get a lot of love in my life but i believe...i can't get love from parents like one can replaced love likes what u already give to me...thanks Allah coz give me to be their promise will do what u want mum....

ok! let talk bout others...i have two kind of brother..they are abg ijam & abg amie...luv them also even not too close..4 sure i luv my bro...they my biologcial bro babe!! my only one lovely sis...akak! i luv u too..both of us always gossip2...kutuk sana sini...wat ketupat byk2...rendang tak tau bila nak wat...hahaha....i've baby ika...daughter to my sis..she so cute! & notty also...suka bagi selerak bilik i..penat nak kemas...hihihi...

now,i live at ipoh...& still study in polytechnic ungku omar..took diploma of civil engineering...hopefully my dream come true to be IR...aminn...
here,what i will tell what happen in my life...just wait 4 my updating times by times..
luv my family than everything!..

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